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Totally newb question on calling folders in a workflow

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Apologies if this is so trivial but I'm going nuts with this little problem of mine. First and foremost I am using Alfred because of RSI (wrist, elbow) so I'm trying to use my mouse as little as I can.

I have tried to create a workflow to call certain folders which I often use and to display their contents, and it's not happening


As an example in the workflow I've created there is the File Filter, with a keyword "docs".

In Search Scope I've dragged my Documents Folder.

In the workflow I've then connected it to "Reveal in Finder".


When I launch Alfred and type "docs" and then enter I just get a blank icon that does not launch the finder, nor does it display any of the contents of the Documents folder.


I've obviously made a (stupid) mistake somewhere... What? Where?


Appreciate your help



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