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Itunes mini player doesn't find files


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I can't get the mini player to play any of the files in the bottom. If I select any of the files on the top, thehy should play the files in the bottom, but nothing happens. 




Taking a look at your screenshot, it looks like the top items in Alfred's results are downloaded tracks while the bottom few are radio stations, correct? Radio stations can sometimes be unreliable in iTunes, as I've encountered issues with manually-added radio stations outside of Alfred fairly often before.


1. First, try pressing Cmd + R while in Alfred's Mini Player to rebuild your iTunes library and see whether the stations work. Also compare the path in Alfred's preferences under Features > iTunes > Advanced with the one in iTunes' own preferences to make sure Alfred is still looking at the right iTunes library.


2. Try the radio stations directly in iTunes to check the stream URLs are still valid and working. It may be worth removing and re-adding the streams.


Let me know how you get on :)

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