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Can I switch to only the *last active* window of an application?

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If i invoke alfred and type Finder.. it brings up all the windows of an App.

Is it possible for alfred to know the last used window of an app so that I can type say 'last Finder' to go to just the last used Finder window?


Or perhaps a workflow like this already exists? It would be awesome to me if I could override the default behaviour with that as well...


I haven't made any workflows as of yet.. Just trying to make Macs work the way I wish they did already :P



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Typing Finder in Alfred just launches Finder. Therefore, it brings every Finder window to the forefront. You would need to use a window manager like Hammerspoon to single out a single window and move it around. I wrote a workflow to use Hammerspoon, but it doens't do that either. But, that functionality could be added. You can get the workflow on Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/hammerspoon-workflow


Conversations about it can be put in the Alfred Forums for it: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/5334-hammerspoon-workflow/


Try it out and see what it does. Then let me know what you would like functionality wise and I will look into providing you a solution. You will need to get a PowerPack license to use it. If you do, add it to your profile so that it shows up here.

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Hmm interesting I'll look into that package.


That front thing sounds like a good option although I wonder if 'front' will always be right. I have a suspicion that it may get messed up with multiple monitors (just bc i was tabbing away from an app and then back and a different window on my main screen would have focus.. )

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