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Any advice on Quip integration?

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When asking for help, be verbose. A link back to the application’s website is the minimum. Opening the website it’s not even possible to tell at a glance if it’s even available for OS X, as it seems to be mobile only. Many people would be able to give you a hand with this, but we shouldn’t have to do all the research. The more steps you make people go through, the less help you’ll get.

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Thanks for taking the time to respond, Vítor. I appreciate it and am sorry for any wasted time. 


Quip's pretty much a Google Docs equivalent and is very popular in my circles. The website is Quip.com and you're right that they don't have a specific OS X app – they operate on web, iOS and Android only. I'm not so familiar with the world of APIs, but here are some hopefully helpful pages: 

- https://quip.com/api/





Am a longtime Alfred user but still have much to learn about setting up workflows. Would really appreciate any pointers. Thanks again.

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I had a look at the API and libraries. There's an official Python library, so it'd be easy enough to write a workflow with that and this.


I don't know exactly what you want to workflow to do, but the main issue that I see is that the API doesn't provide a way to easily get a list of all your stuff. There's a recent items method, but to get a list of all your items, you may need to make a lot of API calls, which would be slow.

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