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Workflow support for URLs


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You're obviously doing some URL detection at some point, it would be nice to have that be a Trigger available in Workflows so you can add custom actions to URLs (Send URL Workflow starts this, but is more concerned with pulling URLS from running apps instead of being able to manage typed/pasted URLs).

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+1 to this. Having 'URL actions' similar to 'File actions' would be very useful for me.


Some examples: Sending to an URL shortener, searching on the wayback machine, opening in a different browser. All of these are obviously possible with workflows, but for some reason that's not how my fingers think about the operation.


I usually launch Alfred and paste the URL in habitually -- then nothing happens and I remember to CMD-arrow to the start of the line to insert the workflow name.

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A few more ideas I had on my most recent work trip:


* Add to Pinboard

* Add to <bookmark service>

* Send To...


Using a script or middleman action you could catch ftp:// or vnc:// or ssh:// or randomurlprefix:// URLs and redirect them to programs of your choice.


Isn't the idea of Workflows basically to enable random things like this that perhaps you don't see the use for?  At least until you put them in the hands of the public at large and see what kinds of nifty crap we come up with? :)

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