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  1. Now a reality, thanks to Max Jacobson (via Brett Terpstra)
  2. Not really the same, although a nice workflow. Your linked workflow extracts app icons from existing apps in your Applications folder. Brett's scripts searches the iTunes Store via their Search API and extracts the app icon. This could be for any (iOS) app, not just the ones on your drive.
  3. I would absolutely LOVE if someone could make this in a Alfred workflow, with the ability to automatically apply the included mask. Somebody up for it? Instantly grab a high-res icon for any iOS app
  4. Aw man :-( Is there a way to download the older version which still had the old functionality? Or where is this functionality in the python script so I can modify myself? (and set the script to r/o to prevent future updates).
  5. Any chance you could incorporate an additional key input modifier to open the web page instead of directly in iTunes. I really preferred the initial (older) method and don't want to change scripts
  6. Or Netherlands/Euro for me :-) All possible options are in the dropdown in the footer on Appshopper.com.
  7. I would absolutely *hate* it if results open in MAS or iTunes directly :-( I prefer the web view above all, because iTunes and MAS are slow and processor and memory hungry. If this is going to be implemented, then please with an additional key modifier (like Shift to open in iTunes/MAS)
  8. Does this also mean calling a workflow from within another workflow? I was just looking for this to call the 'Shorten links' workflow instead of completely add the same functionality in my own workflow.
  9. We are a member/user of the iTunes affiliate program. It would be awesome if we would be able to parse the found url as ready-made affiliate URL's. Ours is trough Tradedoubler (iTunes Affiiate Europe), but I know US uses Linksynergy. iTunes Affiliate Resources Our (European) iTunes affiliate URLs look like this: https://itunes.apple.com/nl/app/iculture/id504842981?mt=8&partnerID=2003&tduid=NL1380330 This part is the affiliate part. &partnerID=2003&tduid=NL1380330 I've already changed the iph.py and app.py myself (wasn't able to change the its.py), but since the workflow is now Alleyoop compatible it would be awesome if I don't have to think about this to change this every time. Thanks for the excellent workflow!
  10. I would be REALLY happy to see this, but not sure if 1Password currently has an URL scheme or will get one in v4. But this would be an excellent idea, since 1Password DOES support this for their iOS version (I have this in Launch Center Pro).
  11. You can still find it on the author's Github. It's just not at the v2 tree link anymore. Correct link: https://github.com/phpfunk/alfred-spotify-controls/ Direct download: Spotify Controls
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