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I used Alfred Remote with a MacBook Air and then replaced it with a MacBook Pro. I could successfully connect to the new Computer but I cannot remove the old, not in use MacBook Air from the list of Connections. Any ideas on how to do that?


If you hold your finger down on the listed connection in Alfred Remote, you can move connections around or select the (X) button to remove :)

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Not at this point, but I have a ticket for this :)

Thx.  I also noticed and tested and found that the sleep button does not work if your MAC is already locked.  I tried launching an App or activating Alfred and that works if the MAC is locked but Sleep function does not.  This was one the primary reasons I bought the app so I could sleep my MAC from my phone at bed times so I do not have to unlock my screen and but my machine to sleep.  Hope this function will get implemented.  Thx

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