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Thesaurus capabilities added to define/dictionary ?


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As a creative person who uses alfred - I love being able to call up "Define - fantasticexample" ... but another that comes up frequently is me having to log on to thesaurus.com to find other words for fantasticexample.


There was a plugin/extension someone wrote for alfred v1 that would search thesaurus.com and return the results in notification centre.


Any chance of it being built in to the main function, and display results as an actual window, or list of items (instead of notification centre)  or will it be left to become an extension again?



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Actually, the initial extension was executed by requesting the url and then scraping the page. It appears that thesaurus.com has an API now but you have to request access to it. So, I'm about to request access now and I'll get you a workflow for it as soon as they grant it to me.

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Wondering why this feature cannot just be built into Alfred and just query the built in Thesaurus in the Dictionary.app instead of gong to Dictionary.com ?


Define and spell are. Some people just prefer using the online dictionary because it provides more results.

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