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  1. Cheers - this is a great workflow - though how do you get your notifier app running in the menu bar? I added the workflow to alfred, no problem, but don't see anything in the menu bar - and the github code doesn't really have an executable app ? Thanks!
  2. I'd second that thought - Would be neat.
  3. I too, had to do what ChrisB did - even with the latest build from 6:47 pm yesterday. As soon as I setup my first custom search - then ran the migrate function - it worked perfect. Thanks!
  4. BTW, I use a lot of your extensions David - Thanks a lot for expanding some of Alfred's powers. The two combined are stellar!
  5. Oh - That'd be great! I'm decent at plugins and some light setup - but I'm definitely not a code writer... Look forward to seeing what you cook up!
  6. Hey, As a creative person who uses alfred - I love being able to call up "Define - fantasticexample" ... but another that comes up frequently is me having to log on to thesaurus.com to find other words for fantasticexample. There was a plugin/extension someone wrote for alfred v1 that would search thesaurus.com and return the results in notification centre. Any chance of it being built in to the main function, and display results as an actual window, or list of items (instead of notification centre) or will it be left to become an extension again? Cheers!
  7. Superb. Nice Work. Will definitely help me tons!
  8. Ya, you're right - Since you can only view it on that purple, I had to actually call up alfred to view it over the finder window... might be a neat small tweak!
  9. Simple, but nice and clean so far! http://d.pr/i/LdRD
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