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App specific CPU usage limiter [work in progress]

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So I use iFlicks a lot. Awesome soft to get your videos to fit anything you want and perfect to integrate into a pipeline. The way I like to use this app is to never actually see it. But when it's in use, it takes up to 350% CPU (i have a quad-core, so it's out of 400). This is why i'm using cpulimit: to "block" iFlicks to 100% CPU and never even notice any slowness while I work.


This workflow should allow anyone to do the same.



Though, it still lacks some functionalities like specifying the app the cpulimit should be applied to, dealing with multiple cpulimit running at the same time (right now I kill all cpulimits before starting a new one)...
But the thing is, I'm way too lazy to do all that. I don't mind collaborating though. Anyone interested?
PS: if you don't want the extra functionalities, it should work out of the box. And if it's not iFlicks but something else that you want to bridle, it's only one work to change on the first line of the first script.
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