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File Buffer Compatibility toggle does not affect 'Remove All' via Backspace [Fixed 2.7.2 b400]


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  * When using the File Buffer,  alt  is the default modifier and pressing  alt + backspace  removes all items from the buffer.  

  * When the "Compatibility: Use shift+alt as modifier key" toggle is checked,  shift + alt  is required to interact with the buffer. 


Current Behavior: 

When the "Compatibility" toggle is checked...

  - pressing  alt + backspace  still removes all items from the buffer, with or without pressing the  shift  key


Expected Behavior:  

When the "Compatibility" toggle is checked...

  - pressing  alt + backspace  should not remove items from the buffer

  - pressing  shift + alt + backspace  would remove all items from the buffer



Alfred version & build number:  2.7.1 (387)

OS X version:  Yosemite 10.10.4 (14E46)








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