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App will not open on iOS 9 beta 4

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The good news is Remote works absolutely fine in 13A4305g simulator (fresh build in Xcode 7), so there won't be issues in the future :)


I'll get iOS 9b4 installed on my iPad soon and investigate the old build, either way, I'll likely release an incremental build for Remote before iOS 9 is released.

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I'm not entirely sure why this is happening as things are working fine in the simulator, and it could very well be a temporary issue in 9b4.


Either way, I'll have a new build of Remote out before iOS 9 is released :)

As you say, maybe its a bug with beta 4, as it was opening on earlier builds.

Lets see what happens when beta 5 is released, which I guess will be next week.

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Just to update you, it appears the reason Alfred Remote is crashing is because iOS 9 removes the ability to get the network name (which Alfred displays when attempting to connect). I'm in the process of removing this now and after some testing, will submit Alfred Remote 1.1 for approval which should fix this.


Bit of a shame as it was useful info!




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