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x-callback-url for Alfred Remote

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What is the x-callback-url scheme so that I can launch Alfred Remote from other apps?  


I've added alfredapp:// to Alfred Remote 1.1 (no additional features for the URL scheme other than launching for now). I just pressed the go button in the app store, so this should be available later today :)




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Would be awesome if we could select the device with this scheme.

I have an iMac and a Macbook, when I connect the lightning cable to my iPhone the alfred remote app automatically launches and I would like to select the device, too.

Currently the last device keeps selected :(

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I'm trying to launch Alfred Remote by accessing the alfredapp:// url, but it doesn't seem to work. Launch Center Pro just claims it's "unable to launch action".



The release version ended up being alfredremote:// - this one should launch as expected :)

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