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[Request] Reminders - open in a specific list

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I've been using the apple reminders app to keep track of a lot of tidbits of info organized into a handful of lists (e.g., Recommendations, To-do, Jokes), and it would be awesome to have a way of skipping straight to a specific list by typing into Alfred, rather than opening reminders, then clicking on the list (hardly difficult I know, but Alfred has me spoiled on speed everywhere else). Thanks for your time

- Alex 

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Hi, I have this short applescript that activates Reminders.app on the specific list indicated from a variable.


tell application "Reminders"
    set newList to list "todo"
    show newList
    activate newList
end tell


The script works fine on its own. I then had partial success creating a script filter for this:


SCRIPT FILTER:  set theQuery to "{query}"


NSApplescript:   tell application "Reminders"
                           set newList to list theQuery
                           show newList
                           activate newList
                           end tell


I would like the workflow to show auto-completion suggestions from the user's created lists. I don't know script filters at all.



Does someone know how to extend this into a workable auto-complete workflow?



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Thank you, this works great! Thanks for getting it going.


Just curious, there is a short delay when first fetching the lists, then the workflow seems to cache the results for a few seconds, then goes back to a delay.


Do you know why this is?


Much appreciated. Your scripts have some style!

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The delay is the workflow asking Reminders.app for its lists. Then it does indeed cache the lists for 10 seconds to make the workflow snappier to use (you don't want it talking to Reminders.app on every keypress).

Currently, it's set up to cache the data for 10 seconds. You can change that in the code if 10 seconds is too long/short.

In a more "serious" workflow, I'd retrieve the data from Reminders.app in a background process, so the workflow is always super snappy.

If you want to do that, here's a tutorial.

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I completely forgot about this workflow.


I've just released a new version for Alfred 3, with a few new features.

How long the workflow caches reminders lists is now configurable via the workflow's configuration sheet, and it also updates its cached list of reminders in the background, so no more delay while the workflow talks to Reminders.app. The list of results will automatically refresh if your Reminders.app lists have changed.

I've also expanded the comments in the code, as this is supposed to be a demo/tutorial workflow.

Enter .rem workflow:update to install the new version automatically.

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