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Alfred window does not disappear after running an applescript


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Hi there,


Alfred: 2.8.414

OSX: El Capitan 10.11


when I start an applescript via alfred the alfred window does not disappear. It stays on top until the script is finished.

I think I have this issue since El Capitan.


Script example:

on alfred_script(q)
-- ignoring application responses
tell application "Keyboard Maestro Engine"
    do script "03B09142-6947-4304-8F3C-6A4F49CAE859"
    -- or: do script "egroupware"
end tell
-- end ignoring
end alfred_script


Thank You!

Greetings, Andy

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This isn't a bug. It's literally the behaviour you're explicitly requesting by using a Run NSAppleScript Action. That is to say, Run NSAppleScript means "run this AppleScript in Alfred".
If you want Alfred to bugger off out the way when you run your script, use a normal Run Script Action instead (with Language=/usr/bin/osascript (AS)). Be sure to remove the on alfred_script(q) + end alfred_script wrapper around your script.

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