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Custom Key Bindings for iTunes


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I know that Alfred has key bindings for the Mini-Player per these helpnotes:




I have a two part Feature Request:


* I'd like key bindings that work "all the time" (globally, Player invoked or not) like Simplify.app. All I need is global key bindings, not another Mini-Player. Whether the Mini Player is "frontmost" or not.


I would use Cntl-Opt-Cmd+ keys for stars, up/down arrow for volume, L/R arrow for prev/next, etc. Simplify allows me to define these key bindings, but it's a bit flakey on El Cap. So maybe this means....


* I'd like custom key bindings in the Alfred Prers that reflect what's in Alfred's Remote.. Or, I'd like the ability to assign key bindings LOCALLY to what is in the Remote.


Preferably this could be in the Prefs? Maybe adding "Volume Up" and "Volume Down" as keywords and bindings? 


I ask because I'm using Alfred's default Cntrl-Option key combos for Window management, also I don't see the point of bringing a Mini-Player to front just to do next/previous control (what Simplify currently does).


Thanks for reading...



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You can do a lot with iTunes via AppleScript. You could connect Hotkeys to Run Script actions with some of these:

-- start playback
tell application "iTunes" to play
-- stop playback
tell application "iTunes" to pause
-- toggle play/pause
tell application "iTunes" to playpause

-- play previous track
tell application "iTunes" to previous track
-- play next track
tell application "iTunes" to next track

-- turn volume up by 10%
tell application "iTunes" to set (its sound volume) to (its sound volume) + 10
-- turn volume down by 10%
tell application "iTunes" to set (its sound volume) to (its sound volume) - 10

-- toggle mute on/off
tell application "iTunes"
	if (its mute) then
		set (its mute) to false
		set (its mute) to true
	end if
end tell
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