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Can't change Alfred open hotkey to command+option+/


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When I was using Alfred 1.x I could set command+options+/ as the hotkey to open. But I found I can't change default opening hotkey into this like before in latest version as 2.8.3. I have searched the forum for this issue but haven't found anything related. And I am using 10.11. I also had a try on my friend's OS X 10.11, it can't be done either. Hope you can help.

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Open Alfred Preferences > Features > File Search > Actions. What's the File Selection hotkey at the bottom?


What about Alfred Preferences > Features > File Search > Navigation?


I think ⌘⌥+/ is the default for one of those. So if you want to use ⌘⌥+/ to open Alfred, you'll have to change or delete that hotkey first.

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