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Alfred 3 Snippets not expanding in Atom text editor


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I installed Alfred 3 and I'm having trouble getting snippets to expand in Atom text editor.


I enabled automatic expansion and turned on Alfred in the accessibility settings. I'm able to expand snippets in other programs and text boxes. When I open Atom, start a fresh file, and type a snippet it doesn't expand.


Is there anything else I need to do to get this working in my text editor?


Details on my setup:

OS X 10.11.4

Alfred 3 build 652

Atom 1.8.0 beta 3

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I seem to have got this working now. Though how I did it does not make very much sense to me.


I decided to check again this morning to see if I could expand test in Atom. It was not working. I double checked the snippet by expanding in the Alfred bar. After I did that snippets started working in Atom. I was able to expand existing and newly added snippets.

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