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IMDB with visible preview

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There is one movie search workflow that shows a preview, but I'm damned if I can remember which one it is (or even if it was for IMDb).


Fundamentally, there is only one straightforward way to preview a website, and that's with Alfred's Quicklook mechanism. SHIFT is the default key, IIRC, and if you hold it down while a result is selected, if the result's arg is a filepath or URL, you'll get a nice Quicklook preview.


The limitations to this are that it's Quicklook only and arg must be a URL. If you're using Alfred 3, you can pass any other data your actions need via workflow variables.

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That's the one! It's awesome.


So, yeah, when you're looking at the details for a movie, you can hit SHIFT on any of the result items to Quicklook them. The top one is a lovely little preview page the workflow builds especially for Quicklook, and the others preview the corresponding webpage.

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