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add a quick glance feature when active Alfred

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I could be nice if when lunch Alfred and there is extra row for quick glance. see image for example.


current Alfred



with quick glance



The quick glance row can program with workflow to display some info that you check often like

time, amount of task or email, network up down speed, .... to name a few. I am sure the community will cook up some cool stuff :) (yes, I lunch Alfred soooo much that my muscle memory is faster than turn my head to look at the time on the corner of the screen)


also being able to change cursor style too !! love the Ulysses app style big fat blue cursor.


thank you

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You can, kind of. A bit hacky and it relies of emulating key presses, but it works.
You simply start calling Alfred with a shortcut that will actually tell it to launch a workflow. You’ll also tell it to select all the text so you can just start typing (erasing what was there).



Script Filter


Run Script
And here it is to download.

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