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Google Site Search Workflow req.

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Sorry if this is not the right place to ask, or if there even is a right place to ask, but would anyone be able to create a workflow to incorporate Google site search? The workflow I had on v2 has stopped working, and I cannot contact the original creator. I did approach @alfredapp on Twitter about possibly incorporating this functionality into Alfred, or whether they could help me with the workflow, but apparently no on both accounts. So if anyone has time or inclination to knock up a site search workflow, or be able to point me in the direction of one that is working still in v3, that would be amazing.  :)


For the record, the v2 workflow was this one...




...and the functionality was this:



3. Site Search

Keyword gs: get instant google search results of front browser's site in Alfred based on {query}.

Supported browsers are: Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, OmniWeb, etc.

You can use site:example.com query if you do not want to search for current front browser's site.


Basically you'd put in the keyword and it would preview the search results as well as linking you to open the page search in your browser.

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9 minutes ago, fuorviatos said:

However, i have no idea how to pass an address to the "site:" operator since it does not look as typical query in Google syntax


It's part of the query. You can just type "site:my.website.com myquery" into Alfred and hit the Search Google for "…".

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Pretty simple to run from alfred but what if I want to take it one step further and have alfred look in the address bar?

Let' say I'm on news.google.uk and I want alfred to look site: for  "UK election"  on the website I'm currently on.

Would that be simple?


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