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Results change while typing characters that match the first result


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I imagine this is more of a 'feature' than a bug but I wanted to point it out as something I find pretty annoying personally and maybe others would agree.


What happens to me all the time is I'll open Alfred and start typing the first few characters of an app I want to open.


For example, I use Preview often so I'll start typing "preview". While "p" and "pr" list "Preview" as the first result, "pre" lists "System Preferences" as the first result. Since I'm doing this fairly quick I don't notice the change and just hit ENTER and end up opening the wrong app.


In this case a picture might help explain this better. 








My issue with this is - I don't see how "System Preferences" is a better match than "Preview" for the search "pre" where it wasn't for the search "pr".


While I think you're doing this on purpose.. maybe the idea is that if a user keeps typing they want to see a *different* match.. it's not really working for me anyway.


Maybe worst case you could include this as an option somehow..

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Alfred considers "System Preferences" a better match than "Preview" because Alfred learns from your choices and you've selected that result (by accident) a few times.


Enter "pre" in Alfred and select Preview 2–3 times, and it should once again be the top result.

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