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  1. Many thanks! This new version works great!
  2. I just installed the json because when I went into the debugger in Alfred I could see that it was complaining. Now Alfred said I successfully installed it but the folder you are referring to in the Library is still missing :/
  3. Hi Martien, Thanks for replying . I am using OSX version 10.11.6 and Alfred v3.0.2. I have tried to reinstall the workflow without any progress. I have not installed the json so I am lacking the folder you refer to, is that correct? I have copied the token and made sure it didn't have any whitespace but it didn't work still. Thanks for the help! /Niklas
  4. Did anyone else experience any problems with adding tasks? When I try Alfred says "Task was added to your inbox" but nothing happens. I have added the token which I got from Todoist settings -> account -> API token. Any ideas of what the issue could be? I am using the free version of the Todoist together with Alfred3 Cheers
  5. Hi everyone! I am new to Alfred and really looking forward to starting to use it . I am currently setting up the Spotify Mini and I would like to use the icons shared by dk3 in the post above. How can I make Alfred use those instead of the default ones?
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