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  1. The shortcut does not have an action for text grabbing. It gets it from the system using the services menu. The only actions are: - Make Markdown from <Shortcut Input> - Copy <Markdown from Rich Text> to clipboard
  2. How can this be done? My use case is this: I select Text with hyperlinks in Mail, press a shortcut and then the clipboard contains the markdown representation. As Alfred’s hotkeys strip the formatting from selected text, I can't pass it to the Shortcut. I see no difference to my first approach with a Hotkey and a Script.
  3. Thanks for the help. I decided to use a simple Shortcut via the Services menu instead. Well, it breaks my workflow as I do most stuff with Alfred, but I don't need it so often.
  4. Would it be possible to get the selection in macOS as Rich Text when using Hotkeys or Universal Actions? I would like to convert it to Markdown.
  5. Currently, if I connect a file action with an “Open File” action, the action is performed for every file separately. So if my action wants to archive all selected files, it will create multiple archives for every single file. Well, the archive example is only used to demonstrate the issue. I know, there are better ways for archiving.
  6. Hi, does Alfred’s Markdown parser allow specifying the image size? I already tried these flavours: ![](icon.png#32x32) ![](icon.png | width=32) ![](icon.png =32x32) ![](icon.png){width:32} ![](icon.png){width=32} ![](icon.png){:width=32} ![](icon.png){style="width:32px"} ![](icon.png){:style="width:32px"}
  7. Sorry, I probably shortened my question too much. My question is. does Alfred itself check regularly if updates are available? I do know, how to install available updates. But I don't know if I have to click on "Alfred Gallery » Check for Workflow Updates" regularly.
  8. Do have to call this command manually, or does Alfred run this with its normal update check?
  9. Thanks for the tip with the tmp folder. Great idea.
  10. Between the calls, I'm loading a random image from Unsplash. It replaces the old image, so I have not to deal with different filenames and don't need to do housekeeping (deleting the old picture).
  11. When I use "Change Wallpaper" with the same path as in a previous call, the desktop picture does not change. It seems that it does not detect that the file has changed. Maybe this can be fixed, so no workaround is needed. Currently, I use "Change Wallpaper at Random" before "Change Wallpaper" I'm running Automation Tasks 2023.2 in macOS 13.4 and Alfred 5.1.1
  12. The DevTools were already installed, I reinstalled them with the download from Apples Website (Command_Line_Tools_for_Xcode_15_beta.dmg). The output didn't change: % xcode-select --print-path /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools Well, after two reboots it seems to work now. Strange.
  13. Yes, I'm on Apple Silicon. I've installed Homebrew with the command from brew.sh as it was suggested by Alfred. % /opt/homebrew/bin/brew --version Homebrew 4.0.23
  14. When I launch the Dependency Manager, it always asks me to install Homebrew manually. I already did this. In the first step, I wanted Alfred to install Homebrew for me, but it failed. Now it always shows `Homebrew install failed: please install manually from https://brew.sh/`. My workflows using Homebrew and Tools are running fine, but it would be great to get the Dependency Manager working again. I uninstalled Homebrew this morning for some tests. Before this, Alfred worked well. I'm running macOS 14 first Dev beta on Apple Silicon. Maybe that's causing the problem. How does Alfred try to detect if Homebrew is installed?
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