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  1. I'm having the same issue. I've been using Smarthings with Alfred 3 for quite some time now with no issue, however this past weekend I just upgraded to the SmartThings V2 hub and I had to re-add all my devices and set it up from scratch. At first I tried to just re-authenticate via st_login but it didn't work. So I've tried removing the workflow and reinstalling it from github. I've checked core.py info / applescript and all verified they say Alfred 3 as I see the last commit shows that these changes were in fact made to the workflow anyway. If I remove and reinstall the workflow and login, I authenticate just fine, however I get the same "stopping embedded HTTP server" popup and nothing happens after I run st_update and st_login says I'm already authenticated and trying it again doesn't do anything either. So I'm running Alfred 3 and verified I'm using the latest SmartThings workflow that all mention "Alfred 3" in the various files. Frankly I'm not sure what else I can do here to get it working again?
  2. I'm experiencing the same problem. The folder doesn't exist inside Workflow Data. /Application Support/Alfred 3/Workflow Data/com.alfred-workflow-todoist/settings.json: No such file or directory I was able to fix it by creating the folder "com.alfred-workflow-todoist" manually and then when I opened the folder the file seemed to appear by itself or possibly after I attempted to add a todo item. Then I opened in text editor and it was missing the token key. Pasted it in there and saved and now it works and is able to add tasks. It seems that there is likely a problem in the configuration of the token whereas I have reinstalled the workflow, the first time I applied the token to the script in the workflow editor and the second time I applied it through the t:token command and it seems neither of these actually apply the token to the settings file. I would assume there is a permission error preventing it from applying these changes.
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