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  1. Alfred is unable to detect certain app I installed.

    Thanks for the reply! How am I gonna know that my mac is done indexing though? Also I just did a fresh install of macOS sierra, is this normal? I thought after every clean installation everything should be at a clear state?
  2. I cannot use alfred to call apple's numbers app. When I ket in numbers, it shows about this mac on alfred. I have no idea why. Is this a bug ? or ? I am using the latest version of alfred as well as macOS. Here are some screenshots:
  3. Alfred workflow for re-adjusting chrome windows zoom.

    I see. So, there is not a solution that can make all my chrome windows set to 150% automatically when connect to a external display. Then when disconnection happened, all page went back to 100%?
  4. I am using my laptop with an external monitor. Laptop has a 720p screen (non-retina macbook pro) (lol) and external monitor's resolution is 2560x1440. So everytime I connect and disconnect my laptop, I gotta adjust the size of web pages. On my laptop I use zoom in 100% and on my external display I use 150%. Otherwise the texts are gonna be too small. Is there an alfred workflow can let me do this? It is getting annoying having to adjust manually every single time.
  5. This all happened a few minutes ago. Now alfred is fine. And I opened activity monitor it says it has a 0,1% CPU usage. Do you still need a sample process file? Also just to put in more context just now I downloaded a tool called: streamlink. https://github.com/streamlink/streamlink People use it for watching stream on their own media player (VLC and such) and when compares to using browser (watching twitch.tv for example) a lot of people said it uses a lot less cpu power. And I installed this tool. Before that even installed python on my mac. Then when using it watching stream, python is running in the background and at this point of time , alfred's cpu usage started rocket jumping. I hope I clearly explained everything. Just to tell you the whole story. Does this have anything to do with the python script that was running at the background??
  6. I was watching some stream and just doing some web browsing. Then all of a sudden my macbook pro's fan started kicking up. Here is a screenshot. Why is alfred using up so much resources? My alfred version is v3.3.1 [806]. OS X version the latest.
  7. I will normally have a lot of different sublime windows open. The problem is if I type in "sublime" it will open the existing window instead of a new blank window. How do I modify the current workflow to set the default as "open new sublime window" instead of just opening sublime text. Or is it better for me to just create a new workflow so when I type in sublime text (in default) it will open a new blank sublime text window . when holding command it will open the existing sublime window. What do you guys think?? How do I make it???
  8. Thanks. It worked. For anyone who is too lazy to do it themselves, here is how to do it.
  9. Secure Password Generator

    Why does it show password that has 11 characters when I typed in pwlen 10?? Could you narrow it down to 10 characters only?? Or I misunderstand the method you are using?
  10. I have an external HDD connected to my Mac. It would be nice to type in "backup" then time machine will started to start a new backup.
  11. I need a specific workflow that is safari related.

    Dude... thank you so much... It worked like a charm... I got a feeling that I may have to ask for more workflows down the road.... maybe I can donate to you some money??? I feel bad for you to do this for me... Edit: I donated two dollars through packal. Hope you received it/ Thanks.. Will ask more sometime in the future.
  12. I felt that I am just here to make other people do stuff for me... I have no idea how to make workflows... however I need a workflow that makes safari opens copied url and then directly jumped to reading mode. So I can copy everything into evernote later. I have tried to use evernote workflow, but sometimes it is not as clean as doing it separately. Here is what I normally do: copy whatever url I need. use alfred to make safari opens a new window. paste that url in safari window. switch to reading mode. copy the whole page. What I wanted to achieve: copy the url I need. open the new workflow. copy the whole page. I want alfred to make safari open the last thing (in this case, a url) in my clipboard and then switched to reading mode automatically. You can ask me more questions if I did not make myself clear.
  13. Thanks! Didn't expect someone will visit this thread after so long!
  14. Thanks... I did not know that I have to key in https://