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  1. @Andrew Some updates: I tried creating a new folder on the desktop then copying a couple of files (from the original folder) into it, they all showed up in Spotlight and Alfred. Once I tried copying all the files (only the files, not the folder) into the new folder and replacing the previously mentioned files, the problem came back. I'm sorry to bother you with Spotlight questions but this is really frustrating ...
  2. @Andrew I tried: 1) copying the whole folder to the desktop, 2) changing the folder name from Chinese to English, 3) changing changing the number in the file name, but the problem remains. However, when I tried deleting 'II' from a file name, the file was instantly found. So it's got to be something with the 'II' ...
  3. @Andrew Hello Andrew, thanks for the help. OK I tried the same thing with Spotlight and got the same result, so it seems that the problem lies with Spotlight. Then I tried re-indexing but the problem stays. Now I'm sure the problem doesn't come from Alfred but Spotlight; but do you have any suggestions about that?
  4. Sorry I mistakenly posted the bug issues here but don’t know how to move it to Bug Report thread
  5. Dear Alfred Team, Hello, first of all, thanks for delivering the brand new Alfred 4! Well, I've been experiencing quite a weird problem since Alfred 3, which still exists in Alfred 4. Now I have a folder which contains audio files with names as 'II-01', 'II-02', etc. When I enter 'II' or 'ii' in file search mode, the files appear as expected. What's strange is, when I add the '-', which follows the 'II' in the file names, all files in the list disappear, as if there's no matching in the whole computer; the only exception being 'II-01' — it always shows. However, if I enter '-' with a number instead of 'II-' with a number, they will appear as usual. Please look into it, thank you!
  6. @tianshilei1992 OK, I got it. I've done several experiments and found that there's indeed something wrong with Alfred when it comes to searching bookmarks with Chinese characters. So the problem is, you can only get the bookmarks you want when you type in the name of the bookmarks IN ORDER. In other words, if you only type in individual characters of its name, you won't get it. Example: I want to search for the bookmark '图书馆' (library). When I type in '图', '图书', or '图书馆', I always get the bookmark. If I type in '书', or '书馆', I won't get it. The same thing doesn't happen if I do searches in English. Yeah it's kind of annoying to have such problems.
  7. @Vero Oh thank you so much! Can't believe I was so stupid to have missed the button right there!
  8. @deanishe I could and I have created my own ones but what's not so perfect is I can't make them the "fallbacks", which are always the default ones.
  9. In Web Searches settings, we can customise the searches we create but can't do the same thing to those that come with Alfred, which is a pity, because I myself, for example, want to make my Alfred look more personalised by changing the favicons of those searches such as Google, Wikipedia ... I understand why Alfred doesn't allow users to change the settings but it'd be really great if we were able to change just the favicons. :-)
  10. Would it be possible that Alfred could do searches in Apple Music? That'd be awesome.
  11. In Alfred when we navigate and open the action list of an app (e.g. Word), we could browse the "recent used files" list, which is a great function. Well, there's actually something not so convenient about it. At first I was experiencing a problem that I couldn't find a recently opened file in the list; later, I eventually found out that, instead of showing all files opened by an app, the list only shows files that have been opened through Alfred. And this makes everything far more complicated than it's been designed to be. Would you please do a little bit of change to this? Thanks a ton!
  12. I have to say I'm experiencing the same thing here. It'd be absolutely helpful if we had a rename function in the action list. Please Alfred Team, please put some consideration in it.
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