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  1. In Alfred workflows, it would be great to have an "Only continue if exit code is/is not equal to..." option for the 'Filter' block, just like there is one for "Only continue if output...".
  2. Ah, that makes sense. Thanks! I wish Alfred would add a feature “only continue if exit code is (not) X."
  3. How can I stop Alfred from proceeding to the next block/action in a workflow if the exit code of the previous one (a "run script" action) is non-zero? Thanks in advance.
  4. Very useful page, thank you. I didn't know they were environment variables, from the Alfred UI...
  5. Hi, I have the placeholder `{var:varname}` in my Apple Script output in a workflow I'm creating, but it doesn't get substituted. Am I doing something wrong here? Thanks, Alex
  6. Thanks for your suggestions guys. I kept Alfred 2 around for the same reason as @deanishe. I think the following yields more relevant results, after inspection: grep -R 'tell application "Alfred 2"' . I did a find/replace on this text, updating to Alfred 3, and all seems to be good.
  7. Thanks for the reply. Any for an easy way to check for hard-coded references? I have a number of workflows, so no idea just scanning them which might be the culprit!
  8. For some reason, Alfred 2 seems to be running in the background even when Alfred 3 is running. (Alfred 2 is not a startup item for my user, I double checked.) I notice this when I quit Alfred 3 and restart it (e.g. for an update), and it complains Alfred 2 is running. What's up with this?
  9. Hi Andrew, Thanks a lot for your reply. That makes sense to me... As it happens, I just found out what was causing the problem: I have a MacPorts version of bash installed, and its path is not a symlink... yet for some reason Terminal has a problem if you specify a custom shell and the path to it is not a symlink. It's not just Alfred it has problems with, but other utilities too. Anyway, the fix was easy enough, and is working well now.
  10. In Terminal.app Preferences, I have the "Shells open with" property set to the custom "/opt/local/bin/bash" (rather than default login shell). However, if I then enter something like > echo foo in Alfred, this opens a new Terminal window but does not execute the command as it should. Alfred version: v2.8 (414) Mac OS X version: 10.10.5
  11. Love this utility... any chane you could update it so it works on Yosemite? In particular the "one time password" dialog is broken now.
  12. There is currently no functionality to play all the tracks in a given genre, from the mini player. Also, maybe a Composers category & search feature could be added, with similar functionality to that of Artists?
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