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  1. I use Google Drive File Stream at work so sync files between my Mac and Google drive and I used to be able to [spacebar]file_name and anything with that name would come up. That's no longer the case and Alfred is only finding local files. At first I thought maybe the files on the Google Drive folder needed to be available offline but that didn't work either. And yes, I have added Google Drive to the search scope. Has anybody run into this problem? Did anything chance with either Alfred or Google Drive that's causing this issue?
  2. Reloading the Alfred app cache did the trick! Thanks.
  3. I just realized that Spotlight no longer shows results for the Windows Applications folder, but why does Alfred keep showing me those results? Is there a Spolight setting within Alfred I need to look at?
  4. Neither of these methods is working for me. I added the comment, and added the folder containing the applications I don't want to show up in my search results to System Preferences > Spotlight > Privacy but I'm still seeing them. Is there anything else I can do?
  5. How can I exclude folders from my search results? I have Parallels installed, which created a Windows Application folder and every time I launch an application. For example Google Chrome I get two options, the mac version and the version installed in Parallels. I know that Alfred is smart enough to show the mac version first but it would be nice to avoid search results from specific folders.
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