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  1. I use Google Drive File Stream at work so sync files between my Mac and Google drive and I used to be able to [spacebar]file_name and anything with that name would come up. That's no longer the case and Alfred is only finding local files. At first I thought maybe the files on the Google Drive folder needed to be available offline but that didn't work either. And yes, I have added Google Drive to the search scope. Has anybody run into this problem? Did anything chance with either Alfred or Google Drive that's causing this issue?
  2. I've been a long time Evernote user but I've never really used it constantly until a few days ago. I spent quite some time figuring out a system that works for me and after watching many tutorials, listening to a lot of podcast and reading many blogs on best practices for Evernote I can now say I'm very efficient in it. I'm using it everyday, and overall I feel like a more productive person. I've modified a wallpaper I found online and use it as my wallpaper to remind me to use Evernote every day. And of course, being the geek that I am, I created an Evernote theme to go with my wallpaper
  3. Here is one more theme for all the soccer fans. Enjoy! Download
  4. I'm a graphic designer and I decided I not only want to design websites but also to build them. My favorite text editor is Coda but I didn't like the stock themes that came with it, so I did some research and stumbled upon Solarized. I'm not going to explain what it is, you guys can check out the website and read all about it. Basically I took some of those colors and decided to make some themes for Alfred and this is what I came up with. Basically I'm trying to make everything look like I'm coding at all times. I hope you guys like them. UPDATE! First of all I would like to apolo
  5. What do you mean by "I didn't like the shortcuts"? I'm a little confused.
  6. This theme was inspired by the colors used in Alfred's Web site. I hope you guys like it. Download
  7. For all the Barcelona fans. Hope you like it! Para todos los inchas del Barcelona. Ojal√° les guste! Download
  8. Reloading the Alfred app cache did the trick! Thanks.
  9. I just realized that Spotlight no longer shows results for the Windows Applications folder, but why does Alfred keep showing me those results? Is there a Spolight setting within Alfred I need to look at?
  10. Neither of these methods is working for me. I added the comment, and added the folder containing the applications I don't want to show up in my search results to System Preferences > Spotlight > Privacy but I'm still seeing them. Is there anything else I can do?
  11. How can I exclude folders from my search results? I have Parallels installed, which created a Windows Application folder and every time I launch an application. For example Google Chrome I get two options, the mac version and the version installed in Parallels. I know that Alfred is smart enough to show the mac version first but it would be nice to avoid search results from specific folders.
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