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  1. What is the minimum running requirements suggested for Alfred 4, e.g. which OS version?
  2. Ah, OK. Alfred has always been so reliable up till this little glitch. From right out of the box, it has been very productive for me and a huge time saver. I love it. That's why what is happening now, is so frustrating.
  3. This is very strange. I activate Alfred and type in the first letter "f" which used to bring up all apps with "F", now it just says "Force quit..." before all the active apps.
  4. When first ran the script, got this message: Error: Index is already changing state. Please try again in a moment. Then it seems to have run.
  5. Ok some apps are show up, but strangely, still not Firefox.
  6. Wow, that "reload" seems to have done a number on my preferences. Now, no applications show up in the Alfred drop down. Even obvious stuff like Firefox. Now I need to do some sort of total reset.
  7. Yes, was previously added. Should have mentioned in the initial post. ~/Library/Printers/ I had thought for sure this would have solved the problem. Does this seem like an unusual problem? That something with an ".app" extension does not show up in result when searching with words directly in the app name: Epson and scanner?
  8. My Epson scanner driver appears to be an app (.app), and it appears in the printers folder (installed by the installer) in location: /Users/<ME>/Library/Printers/ and the app is named, "Epson Scanner V500.app" However, the app never appears in any results in Alfred. I type several variations: "Epson", "Espon Scanner" and "Scanner". None returns results. I tried placing an alias of the app in the applications folders. Still no dice. I know I must be missing something about Alfred to allow me to have the scanner drivers launch from Alfred. Any help appreciated.
  9. I love Alfred, but I think you forgot something in your new Bookmarklets feature: Why are Safari and Chrome the only source options for new Bookmarklets. Why not show a little love to Firefox, too?
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