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  1. Similarly to the topic of using remote buttons to trigger keystrokes — I'd really like to be able to trigger an arbitrary menu command in an application. When I started playing with Remote last night, the single best use case I thought of was to create buttons for debugging in Xcode. I'd love to have buttons to Step Over, Step In, Pause/Resume, Show/Hide Variables, etc. Looks like I could do this by first using Xcode's key bindings editor to create keyboard shortcuts for these, then create AppleScripts to invoke those shortcuts and assign them to icons in the Remote. But it would be so nice to be able to just configure the icon with a menu item title.
  2. Good idea! It'd be even cooler if you used an algorithm that generates memorable/pronounceable passwords, such as Passogva. I find those a lot easier to deal with than completely random strings.
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    Excellent! Thanks!
  4. There's no need to "free up memory" in a modern OS. The kernel manages RAM efficiently. What the 'purge' command does is flush filesystem buffers; this will actually slow down the OS for a little while because recently-used stuff that was cached in RAM for fast access is gone and has to be slowly loaded from disk again. As the man page for 'purge' says, "Purge can be used to approximate initial boot conditions with a cold disk buffer cache for performance analysis." That is, it lets you reproduce the slowness of a cold-booted system. This isn't something you want to do in normal circumstances. I'm sure some people will insist this kind of thing really does speed up their computer, but I'm pretty sure that's the placebo effect talking. When my computer starts to feel slow, I open Activity Monitor and look for which process is either hogging the CPU or allocating huge amounts of private memory, then quit that process.
  5. +1! I was pretty disappointed to be limited to a set of generic system fonts, because I've got a lot of fonts installed and there are some others I'd really like to use. (I fully realize that using nonstandard fonts would make a theme less shareable, but that shouldn't limit what people can do on their own computers!) I tried to get clever by exporting my theme and then editing the plist contents in a text editor; it's easy to see where the font settings are, but if I change the font name to anything but one of the available ones, it just reverts to Helvetica when I re-import the edited file. :-(
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