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  1. Wish this would also do temperature conversions.
  2. just got the pre-release, and it is super exciting. Thanks a bunch. Now, if i could get a hotkey directly to the 'open with' action that would help me move off of LaunchBar entirely... !
  3. How do i get the application name? I dont see a dynamic placeholder for that...
  4. Hi there, I would love to be able to paste items and include which application they came from. The cheap hack is to first copy the content and then copy the text that indicates the 'source' and use the last 2 entries to form the output. But is there a better way to do this? This would be similar to what Onenote does on windows - paste with source link (https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/disable-onenote-pasting-source-links/)
  5. Hi Vero, thanks for the response. What I want is for k@ to expand to 'phrase1' and, say, ak@ to expand to 'phrase2' In otherwords, I do not want k@ to expand when I type karthik@. Does that make sense? In otherwords I want to be able to designate few snippets as 'whole word only'. In the above example, k@ would be designated as needing to be a whole word and not part of another word
  6. Hi there, is it possible to setup expansion like this: keyword: k@ snippet: k@mywebsite.com keyword: karthik@ snippet: karthik@outlook.com Cheers, Karthik
  7. Damn. Before I could get to the troubleshooting steps, I noticed that I had specified a 'Search Scope' in Alfred which did not include the volume I was looking for. So all is good now. Thanks and sorry
  8. I look for a folder on a different volume on spotlight, it shows up but not on alfred. Have I missed something or is it a bug? In the attached images I am looking for a folder called 'dev' that is on a different volume and notice how it does not show up on alfred
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