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  1. @Tsunami is correct. In the case of @greenamit I was able to confirm that the server did not block the specific IPs. It's hard to figure out how many users have issues with this, since there are still a lot of people using Units without any problems. Anyhow just wanted to let you all know that I checked with my hosting provider and they confirmed that there where no blocks or problems on their side.
  2. @Auco If you download the latest version it should work fine ( http://designandsuch.com/work/alfred-workflow-units )
  3. Please look into the mebibytes ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mebibyte) I'm using the proper decimal vs binary conversion according to ISO standards. This has been discussed multiple times before and it all depends on the discipline you're working in, so the only reasonable thing to do is to follow the International System of Units
  4. Thanks a lot, I must say that I have no knowledge on this topic whatsoever, but I will definitely look into it. It seems like one of those topics you should have at least a basic understanding of. So I will defs look into it, and I will notify you when i incorporate it into the workflow +1 for the link
  5. I think it's evident there are some issues with the keyword-less method, far beyond the handful I predicted in my previous explanation. I would not recommend using it for anyone unless you understand the consequences. This is simply not how workflows are intended. It interferes with all kinds of native Alfred features.. The only real answer to these suggestions probably sounds something like this; If you think typing "Units" is too long for you, which I can understand if you happen to use this feature a lot. Than simply change the keyword to 'u' or anything that makes sense to you. I assu
  6. If you want to start typing just like that you can do so so by tweaking the workflow like this. 1) right click and copy the Script Filter 2) Double click the new Script Filter to change some settings 3) change the keyword to "1" and untick "with space" 4) now in the actual script box change units("{query}"); to units("1{query}"); 5) Do the same for the numbers 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 6) Connect every Script filter to all the other nodes After this Units will start off the moment you type a number. This is the same way that other workflow works. One drawback of this
  7. You can actually do that.. 3500 isk eur I haven't made support for the 'to' word stupidly enough. I understand that it's something people naturally will try. So it's on my todo list The new spotlight is fun, but I think every heavy Alfred user will confirm that it's not close to a replacement for Alfred. I saw the converter options in spotlight and they are nice but I will keep working on Units because I think it still has the potential to be better than the spotlight version edit: just read your post again, and you are aiming towards the lack of a keyword. That is actually possible but I
  8. 1. I understand some people might not like the idea of a link within the workflow. But this is a very subtle one, and it serves a purpose. Since Alfred is such a minimal interface it would be really hard to supply users with a way to find the documentation - if they want to check if a feature exists for instance. Therefor I am reluctant to cut out the link to the documentation. I know the documentation isn't the sexiest at the time but it will improve over time and at it does do the job. ( You can easily disable it for yourself by cutting the cord to the osascript in the workflow though, even
  9. Hi Robgill, you already can do just that. " units 5 min h " = 0.083 hour or " units 5 minutes hour " = 0.083 hour
  10. Thanks Scott! I'm glad so many people appreciate Units, it encourages me to keep making it better. Saying that, I would also encourage people to keep sending me request for additional units and features.
  11. As you guys might have been noticing there where some icons missing.. since i added a lot of new units in the last weeks. Which seems to work perfect by the way.. I have been fixing bugs basically every day. But for the Icons I needed you to re-download the actual workflow, which you will be reminded of automatically if you have the latest version. Here's a quick overview of the new icons.
  12. I just finished my Alfred emulator for Units. I would like to embed it on this page, but unfortunately this forum doesn't allow iframes. So i'll have to redirect you to this page : http://time.designandsuch.com/units/docs try out the demo It's not as solid as the real Alfred experience, but gives a pretty good example.
  13. Off course! you're right.. how did I miss that. Anyhow i fixed it, thanks for your input and a Merry christmas.
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