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  1. Just to update, those steps didn't help at the time but now after several weeks the workflow started working again. I have no explanation since I don't think Alfred or Mojave have had any updates since then but I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Just ecstatic it's working again.
  2. Hi, reviving this old topic in hope of someone smarter than me having a solution. I've been using this workflow on Mojave for a while without any problem (guess it got fixed at some point) but just recently it stopped working and giving the error as originally shown in the OP. It may have happened after the MacOS 10.14.6 update or after Alfred's 4.0.9 update, not exactly sure. In any case, my debug log shows the following: [19:17:03.528] Logging Started... [19:17:51.908] Jisho.org[Script Filter] Queuing argument 'hello' [19:17:52.836] Jisho.org[Script Filter] Script with
  3. As the best thing to do is probably submit feedback to Apple since they'll need to be the ones to fix this, as developers do you have any recommendations to what we should put in the comments that might hit their "sweet spot" so to speak and get them to take it seriously?
  4. Hi, I'm also having this issue whenever FCPX is running. On a Macbook Pro with GeForce GT 750M. As soon as I quit FCPX behavior is back to normal. After reading through this thread where people were having similar issues but with VLC, I'm wondering if there's some rendering bug with Nvidia cards maybe? Like that thread, when I use a theme with no blur, the issues resolve. In that thread it was suggested to contact VLC devs but it seems that either Apple or Alfred might be where the focus should lie (probably Apple, frankly).
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