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  1. Really interesting and useful. But I've noticed some cooking and everyday small life US-American units aren't supported: For example, teaspoons, tablespoons, cups... and fractions: 1/8 inch, 1/16 tablespoon It'd be nice to have those.
  2. I think my problem is the same. I have deleted and imported the workflow several times already choosing not to import previous settings. I have also checked that the paths are ~/Downloads. But I still cannot manage to get it to work. I think I follow the instructions correctly. 1. I open a youtube video. 2. Copy the URL to my clipboard. (for example: https://youtu.be/tRcPA7Fzebw but I've tried many other links from YouTube and other websites supported by youtube-dl) 3. Type “dv” into Alfred. 4. Press enter / or click on the suggested search
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