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  1. I second this one, I find myself regularly trying to get Alfred to calculate time differences, e.g. 10:15-1:50. It should be possible to add this as a workflow, but native support would be awesome. David
  2. I would prefer to have the script distinguish between day/days, hour/hours and minute/minutes if moving from the current really plain approach to a more sophisticated implementation. No need for a cryptic perl/sed/awk script, though. Simple, understandable php, python or shell is fine. Anyone?
  3. Version 0.4 fixes the alleyoop integration; missed that it takes two json files:
  4. Version 0.3 integrates alleyoop. Hope this helps with the next update.
  5. Thanks for the improvement, it's integrated in the updated version available from the same URL. I added an icon as well. Enjoy.
  6. That'll teach me to use the first best upload provider. Here's the corrected link, hosted at my own provider. Sorry for the hassle and thanks for the notification.
  7. Oh, wait. That was not supposed to happen. Let me check. Maybe wikisend wasn't that good an idea for hosting the file.
  8. I created a small workflow displaying the system's uptime in a notification. Download This is also useful as an example for integrating scripts in your workflow. Enjoy. - David EDIT: corrected the download link to a private hosting provider, wikisend appears to be dubious. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  9. Nice once, if a bit low on contrast for the result list. I modified the font colors a bit: Download higher contrast version
  10. dave

    Bluish v2

    A dark blue theme: Edit: that didn't work: Download
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