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  1. @Ben428 , wonderful, that fixed the problem, thank you !!
  2. Hi @jdb, thanks you so much for the workflow ! Of late I have been running in to authentication issues which I am not sure how to resolve, I tried to login to todo website and see if something pops up to authenticate the workflow but I dont see anything. Not sure what happened, I am seeing this issue for the second time and I dont remember how it got resolved the first time.. =================================================== [10:53:36.306] Microsoft ToDo[Script Filter] Queuing argument '' [10:53:36.880] Microsoft ToDo[Script Filter] Script with argv '(null)' fini
  3. Appreciate the help. I tried to specify CALENDAR_APP as safari, but gcalconf still opens up in chrome, am seeing the same issue after that.
  4. Pls ignore my earlier message, the issue seems to be that I was authenticating in a incognito window and it does not seem to reflect that in Alfred Thx, Hari
  5. Hi, I keep running in to authentication issue, it used to work before but something seems to have changed and no longer works, I tried to remove the connected apps (raindrop.io) and added it back, still no luck, pls suggest Thx, Hari
  6. Hi deanishe, Is this worlflow supported for Alfred4? gcalconf says no accounts configured (i did grant required permissions) Thx, Hari
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