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  1. That's perfect! Not sure what's different; I thought mine was the same. Does it make a difference that your final step is dragged down and lower? Versus mine, which was straight across? I assumed it didn't make a difference. Never mind, I just tested it; it doesn't make a difference. I'm assuming you dragged it down to fit in the window so that I wouldn't get confused.
  2. Thanks! I'm trying this, but something's not working. I'll post back when I test it some more.
  3. Disculpe e obrigado. I have uploaded the workflow here. I'm pretty sure it's something very simple. I looked at a few tutorials, but none of them that I found address this particular issue.
  4. Trying to build my own workflow, and I know it's pretty basic. I want to: copy some text replace all new lines or carriage returns with a certain character, for example | or / THEN I want to trim excess white space (leaving one space) from the previous output. and finally, Copy to Clipboard I have it working the way I want, except for step 3--I'm not sure how to add in that step. Here's what I have in step 2: Hotkey > Replace (regext) \n+ with / > Copy to Clipboard I tried adding a step after step 2 to trim whitespace (including Transform), but I think I'm missing something. The second image shows what I tried. What do I add after step 2 to trim whitespace? Thanks!
  5. Okay, that do trick. (Office (US) reference) I should have tried that before, but I didn't think of it, to be honest. What I did: Closed Alfred Preferences > Activity Monitor > closed all running instances of anything called Alfred (there was nothing) > Accessibility > Privacy > removed Alfred using the − symbol (instead of unchecking the box) > re-added Alfred > checked and unchecked the box successfully > started Alfred > tested; still not working! > restarted computer > tested; working! I'm not sure whether all those steps are necessary, but in case anyone else has the same problem, this may help. Edit: Boy is it difficult to work without Alfred. Slowed me down so much.
  6. Snippets stopped auto-expanding yesterday. (I also noticed that Clipboard History stopped working.) I restarted my computer, and then went through the troubleshooting steps. I am stuck at the part where I remove and re-add Alfred. I have quit Alfred (checked Activity Monitor to make sure no instances of Alfred are running as well). When I uncheck the Alfred 4 box, nothing happens. (Quick video to show: https://share.getcloudapp.com/lluNkqjk ) I've tried a couple of workarounds to remove it using a command (tccutil reset CATEGORY com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred; not sure whether that's the correct bundle ID, though), but couldn't. I received this error message: Failed to reset CATEGORY approval status for com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred Thoughts on what to try next? Uninstall and reinstall?
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