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  1. primeminister

    Undo deletion of Snippet collection

    Great Andrew!!
  2. primeminister

    Undo deletion of Snippet collection

    Thanks @Vero, I did not think of that backup that I have every day
  3. Hi all, I accidentally deleted the whole collection instead of one snippet. Is there a way to retrieve that? Maybe something on the file system in the Library folder? Thanks in advance for your help. - Charlie
  4. Hmmm I think that TAB is not working for me, If I type in 'mailto bob' in alfed and hit tab on the first contact the text in my alfred input field is highlighted. I expect the name is expanded and a comma added after this name and I can type again in the alfred search field. Alfred v2.3 (264), OS X Mavericks Thanks!
  5. @tomhunt your site is down
  6. primeminister

    Evernote Workflow 9 beta 3

    Also check out www.thoughtasylum.com which has already an extensive evernote workflow
  7. primeminister

    APM [Alfred Package Manager] Need testers

    Where is it?? Tell me! Where!