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  1. That is really odd @nikivi, I can't imagine what would be causing that. Does it work if you disconnect OneUpdater block? I can't imagine it's that but I can't think what else it could be and I can't replicate on my machine. Thanks very kind of you to say, yours was a big inspiration and help in making mine.
  2. Thanks for the feedback @vitor I think I should be checking my own checklist that I wrote for workflows (which I totally didn't this time). Updated to include the about workflow information, link now has the readme like it should with more information as well as the download link and I added OneUpdater. As for the blog post thing that an interesting thought and I'll consider where I might post some stuff in the future.
  3. I've been working on a project that required me to copy a lot of Safari tabs and I built a workflow to help with that. Features: - Copy current tab or all - Choose which of the pages to copy if copying all - Copy as: - Markdown - Markdown list - Titles only - Links only - Titles and links It's a bit of a specific use case but might come in handy to other people. Download: https://github.com/rknightuk/alfred-workflows/tree/main/workflows/safari-tabs-markdown
  4. I apologise, I've been really busy and totally forgot about the responses here with the calendar issues. As @tbrownsaid the issues with permissions is now fixed and should working properly again.
  5. Like the normal suggestions, the fix here was to pass in the original to the "no suggestions" line as well. I have uploaded an updated version
  6. Here you go @JA_UK https://github.com/rknightuk/alfred-workflows/raw/main/workflows/_misc/Google-Suggest-with-CMD-mod.alfredworkflow Few things to make this work with this workflow: Pass in the `$orig` query to the `result` method in the script filter $wf->result( $int.'.'.time(), "$data", "$data", 'Search Google for '.$data, 'icon.png', 'yes', null, null, $orig ); Add the `mods` section so holding command will search for the original query (line 454-ish of workflows.php) 'mods' => [ 'cmd' => [ 'arg' => $orig, 'subtitle' => "Search Google for $orig" ] ] Thirdly, make this output as JSON instead, which supports the `mods` in the output public function toJson() { return json_encode([ 'items' => $this->results ]); }
  7. You're on the right track there but you would need to do one of two things: 1. Set the "input" as a variable, although this would be a little difficult given the way to workflow works, so I'd say this isn't ideal 2. Set the `mods` on the script filter (https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/inputs/script-filter/json/) to the cmd key (or whatever you want) I had a look in the `workflows.php` file which is what powers this workflow and it doesn't support the `mods` section when creating a result. I think this is a limitation of `SimpleXmlElement` but I could be wrong (it's been a while since I've used that). Give me 15 minutes or so and I'll see if I can come up with something and I'll comment the code so you can see what I've done to achieve this.
  8. > I'm guessing the script this workflow runs would need to be amended You would be correct. If you open the workflow in Alfred, then double click on the first block (it says script filter) and paste this line below the line that says $int = 1; then save. It will then show your typed input as as the first option // the rest of the code $int = 1; // you should see this line in there already // paste this line in below the above $wf->result( $int.'.'.time(), "$orig", "$orig", 'Search Google for '.$orig, 'icon.png' ); // the rest of the code
  9. Why? There are already some workflows available for managing Tunnelblick connections like VPN Manager by @deanishe but I only use one single VPN connection and I wanted a quick way toggle that one single VPN connection on and off. If you have more than one VPN connection in Tunnelblick, then this workflow is not for you and I recommend the workflow linked above. Features One thing - toggle a named workflow. Set this in the workflow variables (or do it in the workflow directly, it will detect if no connection has been set). Download https://github.com/rknightuk/alfred-workflows/tree/main/workflows/toggle-tunnelblick-vpn
  10. You need to open Preferences > Security & Privacy then allow calfred to be opened.
  11. You could also setup a Contact Action Trigger workflow in combination with a custom contact action for the phone field. You'd still need to find contact > choose phone number > type message but it would work with all contacts. But as @vitorsaid, if it's only a few contacts you want to do this for, it may make more sense to do a list filter just with those contacts.
  12. I just tried this out and Alfred does learn what you want to open most often so for example I just did `cal` the opened calculator (by moving down to select it). Then next time I did `cal`, calculator was the top result instead of calendar. It's likely your previous Mac install of Alfred had learnt that you want calculator rather than calendar.
  13. @JA_UKYou should definitely use the version @deanishe made instead of mine. It's a way better example of how to organise an Alfred workflow. They do the same thing, but one is clearly superior.
  14. Here you go: https://github.com/rknightuk/alfred-workflows/tree/main/workflows/search-this-site Does exactly what you want (I think): 1. Select the URL 2. Choose "Search This Site" 3. Type your query and enter 4. Opens in default browser If you open up the workflow in Alfred you'll see, as you said, that there's actually not a lot to it. I used a bash script I grabbed from elsewhere to extract the domain, then a keyword step to get input, then the "Default web search" step. I haven't tested this much so let me know if there's any issues.
  15. What format is the template file, just a standard numbers file? I can see any reason why a file wouldn't open if it's a standard numbers file. If you can share the workflow or more information we may be able to help.
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