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  1. I am sure your system works. What I did was to setup three open files with the files I wanted to open. The problem was that two of them are markdown files and the third is emacs config file. All three are setup to be opened by emacs. I assigned a hotkey to the three and when I invoke the hotkey. emacs opens with all three files in tabs. Thanks for your help. macosxguru
  2. Is it possible to write a workflow which opens a list of files in a particular application? These are all text files but I don't them to be opened by the default application. I want them opened in a particular application which is not the default for the file--type. macosxguru
  3. Thank you. I am trying to figure out how to change the txt extension to md. Can you point me in the right direction? macosxguru
  4. I wrote about Caffeinate Control here. http://ipadpedia.net/alfred_workflow_01_caffeinate_control macosxguru
  5. Could you explain how this works. Please. Macosxguru
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