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  1. Before updating I opened com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-Preferences.plist with xcode and removed both "syncfolder" and "NSNavLastRootDirectory" keys, and then, I renamed my old ~/Dropbox/Alfred folder to Alfred1 and with b123 I enabled syncing with "~/Dropbox/Alfred" instead of "~/Dropbox/Apps/Alfred".
  2. Nope, but now it worked all right with b123 FWIW I had a old Alfred folder at my Dropbox directory which I used for syncing Alfred 1, but I've used ~/Dropbox/Apps/Alfred to sync Alfred 2 prefs
  3. I was able to get syncing working but seems like it didn't save my themes and custom searches.
  4. weslly

    Tiny theme

    Looks awesome! How did you make the borders become squared? EDIT: ops, found it!
  5. Just a minor bug. I've noticed that custom searches won't work if you don't prepend the url scheme (eg. http://) to it. Btw, I'm using Chrome as my default browser.
  6. Hi! I've just finished my first workflow. It will show and copy to clipboard your current IP address when you use the ip keyword. You can download it at: http://cl.ly/2828052X0r2B Hope you enjoy it!
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