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  1. Sync with alfred an quit if have added this to your workflow in my setup it will sync evernote and quit it when sync is finished on alfred_script(q) --set quit_command to "{query}" tell application "Evernote" synchronize repeat until isSynchronizing is false --THIS EMPTY LOOP WILL PAUSE SCRIPT UNTIL PREVIOUS SYNC IS FINISHED end repeat quit end tell end alfred_script
  2. did not know... the search for it could have saved me 10 minutes :-) thanks buddy
  3. awesome.. jsut works fine... the next step: write the message/reply directly through alfred!!! this would be so cool!!!!
  4. A little and simple sync workflow... i am tired to sync my devices manually and i dont want to wait until they are connected to charger. so with this i can sync them when i want to, for example when imported new music... nothing complex but i needed it in my daily use. itunes has to run an devices have to be connected(also wireless)... there is no routine for checking if they are available or something, when i have time i will add it... feel free to change it and repost it :-) hf buzr direct dl: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/10113520/Sync%20your%20iDevices.alfredworkflow
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