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  1. I'm sure there are a few of these out there already, but in the essence of personal growth, I wrote my own Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggling workflows. Thought I would share with the rest of the world, as I hope someone else finds my stuff useful. Apologies ahead of time, I currently am not taking any requests for enhancements, unless I will actually be using them myself. Having said that, please feel free to fork and make it your own. Toggle Wi-Fi.alfredworkflow | GitHub Page Toggle Bluetooth.alfredworkflow (requires `blueutil` to work properly. To install, run `brew install bl
  2. I tried some other Chrome Incognito workflows that the community has posted. Some only work when Chrome is already open. Others launch one Incognito and one regular window. My workflow fixes these issues. Check it out! Alfred 2 Chrome Incognito Workflow - Opens Chrome in Incognito Mode or opens a new Incognito Window. GitHub Page | Chrome Incognito.alfredworkflow
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