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  1. Hello all, greeting in the new year. I am here once again to seek the knowlage of the geniuses in this forum. My question is: Does someone like to make the the current Mailtag for alfred in Mailtags 4.0. Cannot use the current Alfred version properly in when using Mailtags 4.0
  2. eh, I dont know how to do that. Having the same issues with Mail tags asking for registration
  3. Having the same issues. Generating Mailbox list hangs forever. Really liked the idea of going minimal on my mail.
  4. Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. But, would it also be possible to tag mails using the "Projects" tag? I have several Projects assign with color which I would be great to access though Alfred. But I guess then Alfred needs to find the projects before it can present me with an option to tag the specified e-mail? Is this too complicated?
  6. KUDOS! Great thanks! Just what I was looking for.
  7. Hello I was wondering if it it possible to make some short commands using Alfred in order to apply Project tags in MailTags 3. When I am going though my emails I would like to tag them with MailTags 3's Project tags using keyboard shortcuts. Clicking on each e-mail, going though the drop down menu and selecting the correct tag is truly time consuming. If I could tag the mails with the appropriate project tag using keyboard short cuts which I could assign in Alfred, this would be awesome. Any idea how I would do this? I do not know how to use apple script. But willing to learn
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