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  1. roccitman


    Hey sots, most things seem to work for me. Can you elaborate?
  2. Ok, thanks! I can manage the FFMPEG stuff locally. Thanks!
  3. Hey Vitor Great Workflow, and it's working great upon first install. I must be missing something in the instructions for extracting the audio though. When I get to step 5 I see the following: https://d.pr/v/HJ0EZG. I guess I should be adding the ... export PATH="/usr/local/bin:$PATH" ...to that first file where the only other line is ./downvid "${1}" Let me know if that's right. And second, I don't see anything noting "...a few lines under getfile() {)" Please let me know what I'm missing, thanks! ETA: rMBP running GM of High Sierra (10.14) Workflow version 1.21.14 FFMPEG installed (which ffmpeg: /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg)
  4. roccitman


    Works great, thanks!
  5. roccitman


    Issue resolved. And priorities are great!
  6. roccitman


    c'est la vie Piece of feedback. It's small and doesn't really impact me. My screen vid software doesn't show it, but in this video Reminders.app is beach-balling for 15 seconds or so. Again, the screen vid software shows the mouse pointer as a normal pointer, but it's actually the spinning beach ball. http://d.pr/v/bD7m
  7. roccitman


    Oh, also like the second option in case you're trying to put numbers into your reminder note...
  8. roccitman


    Wow, pretty slick! Still getting used to the syntax, but it's pretty darn smart. But what have you done with J*** J****?!?!!
  9. roccitman

    Getting results from terminal command

    OK, getting closer. Thanks for the help! Still learning variables. Do I use {query} or (system attribute "variablename")
  10. roccitman

    Getting results from terminal command

    Ahh. OK. Is that going to be something like... tell application "Terminal" do script "ssh user@host.com"
  11. Hey Gang Here's my sample workflow: click here. I am wanting to run a very short sql select and return the result to post to some output like a notification or large type. Is this possible with Alfred's terminal command?
  12. Too soon for Restoration of Independence day And a good night to you, thanks again!
  13. Oh wow, ok learning a lot. Thank you thank you! And have a great Turkey Day
  14. Another note, you'll see in the workflow, I am trying to pass variables into the script and I think that's partly to blame. In the script sample above it's just hard coded dates.