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  1. Took several tries to do it right.. not a coder... but I did finally set it up. THANKS!
  2. Found this thread because I had the same question. Great to know, but how would I have known that? If anyone sees this thread I'd love to know...
  3. Hi all, I've gotten dependent on Alfred to launch apps. I've started using Trello to manage tasks etc. I have an alfred workflow for creating new tasks in trello. But how do I set it up so that I can use Alfred to go Trello page already have open in Safari. If I type simply "Trello" it launches a new tab. I suspect there is an easy way to do it. ? Thanks for help
  4. But it isn' clear to me where you found the dropbox link. ?
  5. OOPS! Well that was easy. This is an awesome workflow!
  6. Hi there, NOT a coder... just a heavy mac user. I downloaded Trello workflow but the installation instructions aren't helping! https://github.com/MikoMagni/Alfred-for-Trello I'll paste instructions below..but I'm puzzled how do I bring the workflow into Alfred? I can't find this answer in the kB. I've done it before but a long time ago. not sure where that keyword would go. The rest of it I think I can follow. Thanks! Annamarie ##Setup 1. Use the keyword "<b>jello</b>" to authorise Alfred for Trello to access your Trello information. 2. Copy the **token** generated by Trello.com 3. Open the Afred for Trello Workflow and enter the token in /bin/bash script: **token=''** 4. Go to your Trello.com board that you wish to use and copy the **Board ID**. You can find the Board ID just before your board name. For example: https://trello.com/b/<b>4f21cb176603c3</b>/yourname/ 5. In the example above <b>4f21cb176603c3</b> is the board id. 6. Enter the Board ID in /bin/bash script: **boardid=''** 7. Within the Alfred for Trello workflow double click the Hotkey and set "Option + Command + t" or your preferred hotkey.
  7. Hi there, I don't even know if this is possible and it is certainly not my area of expertise and not where I should be spending my time. I'm posting this in case someone sees it and wants to build it. : ) Here's what I would love (and I bet I'm not the only WP user who would) A workflow that would: login me into my WP site (yes I posted a query about this part last week - if it's sounding familiar) select the Pages option allow me to search Pages with a fillable field for what I'm lookign for. Maybe it's not possible.. but it feels like it should be. Alfred is so awesone. Thanks! Annamarie
  8. I love this workflow and am using it for my Mail. Unfortunately I'm also using Thunderbird for other mail (had to switch because Mail was leaving too many processes open and my ISP was shutting down my site.) Seems to me I should be able to modify Vero's workflow to add Thunderbird but I'm having a hard time figuring out what the "file type" should be. I think it is in ~library/thunderbird/Profiles/9olcaydl.default/ImapMail but all the folder in there have extensiosn like. msf and .sbd and I can drag them into the add box on the file types. I'm in over my head. All I want is for Alfred to search Thunderbird! Maybe I should be using a different client? Open to suggestions. I do have a friend who would tell me to use gmail. Is that an good answer?
  9. So, this is probably easy but I don't understand enough about workflows to do it.. i've searched the web and haven't found anything that helps. Simple workflow.. would like to hotkey opening the dashboard of my WP site. I've got it working up to the admin login page. I can log in using Alfred with "1p SHA". I just don't know how to connect the two.. I open Alfred with a hot key.. Thanks!
  10. Perfect - just the answer I was looking for. Thank you!
  11. I'm thinking I'm being a doofus because I can't find info so that leads me to wondering if it's obvious. Will Alfred search my emails? please? how? Thanks!
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