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  1. So look at your own help page - do you see the light green symbols? one for "command" and one for ..i don't know Shift.? I'm not seeing those. Alfred is completley nonresponsive when I try keystroke combinations in the window.
  2. Right - that how it SHOULD be working. But I'm not getting the ability to do that. Note in my screenshot that there is nothing in the right hand side that indicates I can do it. You know the little green symbols? I've tried deleting and starting a new workflow. I've upgraded my ALfred....
  3. Tried to create a simple workflow this AM. I can't set the Hot Keys - the option not appearing. It's probably simple but I don't know where, why? Screenshot
  4. Found this thread because I had the same question. Great to know, but how would I have known that? If anyone sees this thread I'd love to know...
  5. I love this workflow and am using it for my Mail. Unfortunately I'm also using Thunderbird for other mail (had to switch because Mail was leaving too many processes open and my ISP was shutting down my site.) Seems to me I should be able to modify Vero's workflow to add Thunderbird but I'm having a hard time figuring out what the "file type" should be. I think it is in ~library/thunderbird/Profiles/9olcaydl.default/ImapMail but all the folder in there have extensiosn like. msf and .sbd and I can drag them into the add box on the file types. I'm in over my head. All I want is for Alf
  6. Perfect - just the answer I was looking for. Thank you!
  7. I'm thinking I'm being a doofus because I can't find info so that leads me to wondering if it's obvious. Will Alfred search my emails? please? how? Thanks!
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