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  1. Yeah that's what I'm afraid of, though it's the same issue both on my iMac and my Macbook Pro. Both running latest High Sierra version. The search continues! Thanks for taking a look!
  2. Hi CJK, Thanks for taking the time to review and optimize the script, appreciate it! ? The delay still persists though. It's weird because I have other (albeit slightly smaller) scripts that I run with Alfred and they run without delay. When I run your script with the Script Editor, it runs instantaneously but as soon as I run it with Alfred (or turn it into an application) there's a delay of (I think exactly) 5 seconds each time. Some screenshots:
  3. Hi! I've found a great script online (credits are in comment in the script) that allows me to set a reminder for an email. When I execute it from the Scripteditor or use it as a service in Mail, it works instantaneously. But when I add it to Alfred as an applescript, or run it as an application, it takes 5 seconds to execute... Any ideas how I might get the same performance from Alfred? PS: I'm not a programmer but I have some limited coding experience. # # Title: Create reminder from selected Mail # By Michael Kummer and partly based on various code snippets I found online # michaelkummer.com # You can use the source as you wish but do so at your own risk # Have a backup of your data to avoid accidental loss # Last update: March 18th, 2014 # Version: 0.1 # Tested on OS X 10.9.2 Mavericks # # Description # When installed as a Service, this AppleScript script can be used to automatically create a reminder (in pre-defined Reminder lists) # from a selected email and flag the email. # If you run the script against an email that matches an existing reminder it can mark the reminder as completed and clear the flag in Mail # # Contributors and sources # Rick0713 at https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3435695?start=30&tstart=0 # http://www.macosxautomation.com/applescript/sbrt/sbrt-06.html # Set this according to your email account names and Reminder's lists set WorkAccountName to "Exchange" set WorkRemindersList to "Work" set PersonalAccountName to "iCloud" set PersonalRemindersList to "Personal" # On my machine 5 is the Purple flag, which is the color I would like to use for mails flagged as Reminder set FlagIndex to 5 tell application "Mail" set theSelection to selection # do nothing if no email is selected in Mail try set theMessage to item 1 of theSelection on error return end try set theSubject to theMessage's subject # Make sure reminder doesn't already exist so we don't create duplicates tell application "Reminders" set theNeedlesName to name of reminders whose name is theSubject and completed is false if theNeedlesName is not {} then # make sure dialog is in focus when called as a service # without the below, Mail would be the active application tell me activate end tell set theButton to button returned of (display dialog "The selected email matches an existing reminder: " & theNeedlesName & ". Would you like to mark the reminder as complete and clear any remaining flags of this message?" with title "Create Reminder from E-Mail" buttons {"Mark complete", "Cancel"} default button 1) if theButton is "Mark complete" then tell application "Mail" # unflag email/message set flag index of theMessage to -1 end tell # find correct reminder based on subject and mark as complete set theNeedle to last reminder whose name is theSubject and completed is false set completed of theNeedle to true return else if the_button is "Cancel" then return end if end if end tell # present user with a list of follow-up times (in minutes) (choose from list {"Tomorrow", "2 Days", "End of Week", "1 Week", "1 Month", "3 Months"} default items "End of Week" OK button name "Create" with prompt "Set follow-up time" with title "Create Reminder from E-Mail") set reminderDate to result as rich text # Exit if user clicks Cancel if reminderDate is "false" then return if reminderDate = "Tomorrow" then # add 1 day and set time to 9h into the day = 9am set remindMeDate to (current date) + 1 * days set time of remindMeDate to 60 * 60 * 9 else if reminderDate = "2 Days" then set remindMeDate to (current date) + 2880 * minutes else if reminderDate = "End of Week" then # end of week means Thursday in terms of reminders # get the current day of the week set curWeekDay to weekday of (current date) as string if curWeekDay = "Monday" then set remindMeDate to (current date) + 3 * days else if curWeekDay = "Tuesday" then set remindMeDate to (current date) + 2 * days else if curWeekDay = "Wednesday" then set remindMeDate to (current date) + 1 * days # if it's Thursday, I'll set the reminder for Friday else if curWeekDay = "Thursday" then set remindMeDate to (current date) + 1 * days # if it's Friday I'll set the reminder for Thursday next week else if curWeekDay = "Friday" then set remindMeDate to (current date) + 6 * days end if set time of remindMeDate to 60 * 60 * 9 else if reminderDate = "1 Week" then set remindMeDate to (current date) + 10080 * minutes else if reminderDate = "1 Month" then set remindMeDate to (current date) + 43200 * minutes else if reminderDate = "3 Months" then set remindMeDate to (current date) + 129600 * minutes end if # Flag selected email/message in Mail set flag index of theMessage to FlagIndex # Get the unique identifier (ID) of selected email/message set theOrigMessageId to theMessage's message id #we need to encode % with %25 because otherwise the URL will be screwed up in Reminders and you won't be able to just click on it to open the linked message in Mail set theUrl to {"message:%3C" & my replaceText(theOrigMessageId, "%", "%25") & "%3E"} # determine correct Reminder's list based on account the email/message is in if name of account of mailbox of theMessage is WorkAccountName then set RemindersList to WorkRemindersList else if name of account of mailbox of theMessage is PersonalAccountName then set RemindersList to PersonalRemindersList else #default list name in Reminders set RemindersList to "Reminders" end if end tell tell application "Reminders" tell list RemindersList # create new reminder with proper due date, subject name and the URL linking to the email in Mail make new reminder with properties {name:theSubject, remind me date:remindMeDate, body:theUrl} end tell end tell # string replace function # used to replace % with %25 on replaceText(subject, find, replace) set prevTIDs to text item delimiters of AppleScript set text item delimiters of AppleScript to find set subject to text items of subject set text item delimiters of AppleScript to replace set subject to "" & subject set text item delimiters of AppleScript to prevTIDs return subject end replaceText
  4. I have tried every version of this and it doesn't seem to work. Running El Capitan 10.11.6 in Dutch.
  5. I love this workflow man, thanks! I only have one "bug" to report: Whenever I type "SMS [contact name]", it goes to the messages app and it opens the dialog window for that person, ready to type and send a text message. As it should, no problem there. But then I noticed: When the messages app is open and the contact person's dialog window is already in focus, the same command via Alfred: instead of using the text number, it changes to iMessage mode and I can't send a text as it wants to use imessage instead. (contact doesn't have an iphone) Maybe you could implement a check that, if the person already is in focus, stop looking or something. I dunno, I'm not a programmer I can make a video of the problem if you want, it's nothing major but it upsets the goal of the workflow though.
  6. Just found this awesome workflow. Thanks! Any update on the "send as sms text" front? I have a feeling it might be tricky to pull off as it's a continuity feature, but I'm hoping! Keep up the great work!
  7. Sweet! Both seem very solid solutions. Trying 'm out as we speak! Thanks Carlos-Sz, Tyler Eich and Andrew!
  8. Hi! I just bought the Powerpack and I already have some great workflows installed. The only thing I'm wondering is: Is there a way to sort of default a workflow into Alfred? So that a keyword isn't necessairy? I have this Google Chrome Bookmarks search installed (http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/2362-search-google-chromechromium-bookmarks/) And I'd love it, if I could just turn on Alfred and immediately start going through my bookmarks. Now I have to first type "chrome", then space, and then I can search. But this feels a bit unatural to me. I just want to start up Alfred and have my Chrome bookmarks available! Thanks, A newcomer
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