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  1. Hi, I'm getting this error. It is present only when I'm on LAN behind proxy server (system wide proxy server setting, http, https and socks proxy). Is there any workaround? [ERROR: alfred.workflow.input.scriptfilter] Code 1: Traceback (most recent call last): File "<string>", line 2, in <module> File "alfred_convert.py", line 54, in __init__ self.load_currencies() File "alfred_convert.py", line 79, in load_currencies rates = yfinance.get_rates(CURRENCIES) File "yfinance.py", line 22, in get_rates response = requests.get(API, params=params) File "requests/api.py", line 55, in get return request('get', url, **kwargs) File "requests/api.py", line 44, in request return session.request(method=method, url=url, **kwargs) File "requests/sessions.py", line 335, in request resp = self.send(prep, **send_kwargs) File "requests/sessions.py", line 438, in send r = adapter.send(request, **kwargs) File "requests/adapters.py", line 327, in send raise ConnectionError(e) requests.exceptions.ConnectionError: HTTPConnectionPool(host='query.yahooapis.com', port=80): Max retries exceeded with url: /v1/public/yql?q=select+Name%2C+Rate+from+yahoo.finance.xchange+where+pair%3D%27AUD%2CBGN%2CBRL%2CCAD%2CCHF%2CCNY%2CCZK%2CDKK%2CEUR%2CGBP%2CHKD%2CHRK%2CHUF%2CIDR%2CILS%2CINR%2CJPY%2CKRW%2CLTL%2CLVL%2CMXN%2CMYR%2CNOK%2CNZD%2CPHP%2CPLN%2CRON%2CRUB%2CSEK%2CSGD%2CTHB%2CTRY%2CZAR%27&env=store%3A%2F%2Fdatatables.org%2Falltableswithkeys&format=json (Caused by <class 'socket.error'>: [Errno 61] Connection refused)
  2. Excellen, this is what I was looking for I was not able to locate note file. I've added this file type to Default Result and added location do search scope and it works great
  3. And is the a way, to add Notes to Features > Default Results? In other words, how do you search notes from Alfred? Spotlight does it, so it should be possible
  4. Hi, this is maybe stupid question, but how to search notes from Alfred? I'm not able to figure it out.
  5. i use this: (Keyword>Run Apple Script) on alfred_script(q) tell application "Finder" open location "smb://username@server" end tell end alfred_script because I want to open location in Finder
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