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  1. Download Here This Alfred Workflow will take the active Finder window and serve it up with Harp (http://harpjs.com) web server at localhost:9090. It even opens Safari to http://localhost:9090 for you.** Triggering the workflow while a Harp instance is already serving a Finder directory increment the port number by one (e.g. http://localhost:9091), allowing you to serve several different folders at the same time on your machine. Harp web server automatically preprocesses Jade, Markdown, EJS, CoffeeScript, Sass, LESS and Stylus and serves it as HTML, CSS & JavaScript—no configurat
  2. Maybe for 2.4? 2.3.x? Please?
  3. Any word on when/whether custom fonts will be available for theming? I looked through all the release notes and searched the forum but didn't see any further mention of this topic. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the comments David. The more I think about this, it is a bit more tricky than I originally thought about it. Here's my thoughts for what they are worth: I understand what you are saying, but there are a few things that work against that best practice. First, many scripts are something simple enough to be done in a few lines in the Script box. This is where the simplicity of Alfred works against itself because someone doing a quick script doesn't really think about best practices. They just write the script and it works. What's to think about? Here's Brett's Cheaters workflow
  5. It would be very nice to be able to selectively sync certain workflows. I have Alfred on my primary machine (Mac Pro) and on my laptop. Due to very different storage configurations there are some paths that are just not the same between the new machines. Example #1 When I try and launch Cheaters via Alfred even though the cheat docs are in my Dropbox folder in the same place, the path to the Dropbox folder is in a different place on my desktop vs. laptop. Initially I kept a snippet with the correct path for each machine and I'd just open the workflow and paste it in. It works but is sl
  6. What? Actually it is not only a good idea but necessary for people who (like me) do a lot of cartography and design work and have literally tens of thousands of fonts that I need access to on occasion. Having them all enabled all the time is a needless slowdown on my system. When troubleshooting printing problems fonts can also be troublesome so knowing how to safely disable and re-enable fonts is something every use should know how to do. The only danger of disabling fonts is if you muck about in the font directories and move and/or throw away the font files. Alfred just needs a warning
  7. +1 I too tried editing the font section of the theme and got Helvetica. Strangely if one of the default fonts is disabled, it doesn't default or warn, just doesn't accept any input
  8. Alfred v 2.0.3 (187) OS 10.8.3 1 - I applied a new theme (Pastel Sky by ebence). 2 - I triggered Alfred and got a pretty box, but nothing happened when I attempted to type. I tried several times. Opened workflows, could type, just not in the actual Alfred box. I quit and restarted Alfred. Still wouldn't register any keystrokes. 3 - Changed the theme - everything works great. When I changed back I noticed in the preview of the theme had a very small font that didn't look like the screenshot on the forum. 4 - Realized that in an attempt to solve a problem with Acrobat XI Pro I had disabl
  9. I know nothing about AppleScript, but it may be time to get out of my shell a bit (pun intended). This is perfect for what I was trying to do at first - create a workflow that could be shared without requiring the editing of the sudoers file. I'll still do it so that I don't have to provide authentication, but this allows modifying personal workflows for general consumption. Off to do some reading
  10. Thanks for the confirmation of my own thoughts. I removed the link to the workflow for now. I never shared any of my extensions in v1 because they were always mostly unique to my computer because of reasons like this. More of a step in a workflow than an entire workflow. I thought this closed beta forums would be a good place to ask about the interest level. Perhaps a forum category that people could talk about this type of thing without actually sharing workflows out where they could do damage and let each person work his own. Any thoughts on why sudo -S won't work with your password as
  11. Sorry this is long - but it is a bit complex. I intermittently do web development work and prefer to develop it all on my local machine, but don't want Apache & MySQL running all the time. So I thought I'd make a quick workflow to allow me to start, stop and restart these services. The normal procedure would be to open Terminal and type: sudo apachectl stop password sudo mysql.server stop no password 2nd time because it's good for 5 minutes. Substitute start or restart as necessary. * This assumes you have set up your paths correctly (use sudo vi /etc/paths), otherwi
  12. I like the blur effect, so I hope it doesn't go away (not that I'd moan to you about it). I'm curious where the font choices are coming from? Is there any possibility of dropping selected fonts in a certain location that Alfred could use? Menlo is easy to read, but I'd like to experiment with other fonts. Click screenshot to download .alfredappearance file.
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